Saturday, 15 December 2012


Life as babies, children, students, mothers and fathers or Allah slave. All had different roles. Sometimes, we have many roles to be performed in the same time. So, how do we need to do so that every roles can be done perfectly. I write about this because I think life is running too fast and will come to end. What's that? Of course death. But still not ready to pass through. {YA ALLAH, forgive all my sins}.
'People who are successful in life are these who see purpose clearly and without deviating' -Cecil B.DeMile-
Tcher sha..SMILEY...

What Do You Think? (page 169)

1. What was the most surprising thing that you learned in this article?
     The most surprising thing that I learned in this article is in modern time, there are still people who do not know the count and did not know what the number. They determine the number of things just by using words such as some, more and many. Hard to believe.

2. The Piraha tribe and the aboriginal people in Australia don't really seem to need numbers. What kinds of things do you use numbers for in your daily life? Can you imagine a day without numbers? Why or why not?
     In my daily life, a lot of things using the number. For example, all things to be done on a daily based on time such as breakfast, prayer, work and study time. Of course, when I look the watch I will see a number. I can not imagine a day without numbers because since I was born there have been many numbers around me. But, perhaps human not able to achieve the advancement like today without numbers.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

What Do You Think? (page 149)

3.Do you think story is trying to teach a lesson? I f yes, what do you think the lesson is?
 Of course, the story is trying to teach a lesson. Among these are an unusual thing to do if we think it can be done. It happens because of the mind set. For example, Hodja imagined that the warmth of the light helped warm the blood flowing through his cold body. Indirectly, that occur automatically even if not reality. Second, let's not insult the ability of others. We do not assume the person look weak can not to do extraordinary thing. For example, Hodja's friends do not beleive the ability of Hodja that can withstand the cold outside the house without using any that can warm up until he prove it. Third, do not be so arrogant and proud with the strenght and intelligence that we have. This attitude will cause friends do not like make friend with us. Based of this story, Hodja proudly talks about his prowess to his friends.

Friday, 2 November 2012


Today it's time to go back to USIM...although heavy to move my feet but i have to go too..that's right..continue to struggle..

Saturday, 27 October 2012

What Do You Think? (page 134)

1.What are some of the advantages of buying new things instead of fixing old things?Discuss different items and the advantages of buying the items new.
     Among the advantages of buying new things instead of fixing old things is to save money.As we know, now with the development of technology, we can get new things at cheap prices.If you want to fix old things, we have buy other spare parts.The only spare parts, no longer be repaired.Is not it a waste?We can buy a new one.So, we do not have to think will be lost if buying new things.Where should bring old things?Is thrown away?No!!!That we can sell to the agents used and so on.Indirectly, we can get some money from the sale of old things.Next, when we buy new things, we can get the latest designs and modern styles.Now, almost all people want things up to date can get a cheaper price.For example, a smart phone.Almost every month there will be new products.If damaged, it is something vile to be repaired again because it is so sensitive.In addition, old things are repaired likely to be damaged again.For example, a bike.We can get a new bike that has many functions and have durability several times with the latest technology.Old things repaired many times could spell trouble for us especially when we are short on time.For example, when we are late to get to work, suddenly the water heater does not function.How?Had to go to work without breakfast.So, can not begin life with cheerful.Therefore, when the things are damaged mainly electrical things should quickly buy a new one.But not all things need to buy a new one.It depends on the situation.Conclusion, the many advantages of buying new things instead of fixing old things.

What Do You Think? (page 114)

2.How do you think self-service technology could be improved so that people dont't get frustrated?
      In my opinion, self-service technology is very important.It is could be improved so that people don't get frustrated.Self-service technology problems can be reduced if the damaged machine as soon as possible.For example, ATM machine damaged.It should be repaired as soon as possible so that the work will not be delayed because of this.This caused ATM machine is an interest to the public on this day.Therefore, if it is damaged in the long time, will cause anxiety to the user having to queue up and take a long time to settle affairs.So, the management need to be concerned about this.In addition, the system must be constantly updated.Now, almost all types of services using the online system.Therefore, if the system is not updated, all user information may not reach the database and a business can not run smoothly.Moreover, some services have a deadline.If it is close to the deadline, but the system still has problems.How?So stessed right!!!So, the system has to be constantly and user-friendly to facilitate people.